§ 4-152. Off-site event permits  

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  • Rabun County shall be authorized to issue off-site event permits for those businesses licensed pursuant to this chapter to sell beer and wine for consumption on the premises only, to provide for beer and wine sales to be held at off-site events, for events lasting no more than three consecutive days so long as the permit applicant establishes to the satisfaction of the county the following:

    (1) The applicant contracts to indemnify the county and provide general liability insurance in the amount of not less than $1,000,000.00 for the specific event;

    (2) The applicant provides adequate assurance to the county that no underage persons will be served through an appropriate program of identification and restriction of the area of service;

    (3) No alcoholic beverages purchased off-site may be brought into the area of the event for consumption and no opened alcoholic beverages shall be removed from the area of service by the consuming public;

    (4) All persons serving beer and wine at said event would be retail dealers licensed pursuant to Georgia Law and pursuant to the requirements herein to sell beer and wine for retail consumption on premises;

    (5) The applicant shall reimburse the county for any additional public safety personnel for event security and furthermore consent in writing to venue and jurisdiction being in Rabun County, Georgia, for collection purposes and for any other disputes between the parties;

    (6) The applicant for the permit fully complies with all sections of this chapter;

    (7) The applicant pays a per-event fee of $100.00; and

    (8) No permit shall be issued for an off-site event if the proposed site of the off-site event is located within 100 yards of any school or church as provided for under subsection 4-24(b) and as measured from the nearest point of the school or church to the nearest point of the off-site location area for which the off-site permit is sought, with the distance to be verified by the county marshal prior to issuance of the off-site permit.

(Ord. of 3-22-2011)