§ 16-79. Standards for areas of special flood hazard (zones AE) with established base flood elevations without designated floodways  

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  • Located within the areas of special flood hazard established in section 16-23, where streams with base flood elevations are provided but no floodways have been designated, (zones AE) the following provisions apply:

    (1) No encroachments, including fill material, new structures or substantial improvements shall be located within areas of special flood hazard, unless certification by a registered professional engineer is provided demonstrating that the cumulative effect of the proposed development, when combined with all other existing and anticipated development, will not increase the water surface elevation of the base flood more than one foot at any point within the community. The engineering certification should be supported by technical data that conforms to standard hydraulic engineering principles.

    (2) New construction or substantial improvements of buildings shall be elevated or floodproofed to elevations established in accordance with section 16-77.

(Ord. of 7-27-2010, Art. 4, § D)